Lika was born in Pyatigorsk, Russia. After her 13th birthday, she began to work and study at a modeling agency. She took part in beauty contests, concerts, fashion shows and festivals. Lika was nominated for 10 regional beauty pageants and emerged as the winner of one competition. She went on to develop the script for a pageant. Lika performed in other countries as well. At the same time, she worked as a correspondent for Business TV. Lika attended Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University and majored in philology. This university ranks among the most respected schools in Russia. She served as the prefect of a course and organized many academic and recreational activities. The university selected her as one of its top 20 students. In recognition of her impressive achievements, she received a gold medal and a presidential scholarship. The university’s rector sent her a letter of thanks. Lika also worked as a radio and television journalist during this time. She gained experience in the advertising industry as well.

At the age of 23, Lika traveled to California. She began organizing a beauty contest for Russian women in Los Angeles. She served as the writer, presenter and director of Miss Russian LA. The first show was held in March 2012. It was a great success. Six months later, she helped organize another beauty pageant in the same city. This contest was devoted to married and divorced Russian women. As in Pyatigorsk, Lika’s work garnered strong praise. The local Russian population highly appreciated her efforts. She received the Role Model of the Year award in Hollywood. Lika’s career continues to blossom as we enter the new year. Soon after accepting the award, she was invited to become a director of events, shows and concerts. She also began to apply her talents in the movie industry. Lika is currently working on film projects with producers at Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers Studios.



Year Movie ROLE
2014 Whitey Natalia
2013 Alternative Kelly
2012 Bandana Chronicles Agent
2011 The shape and sound Girl


  • Magazine "City Girl"
  • Magazine "Orientir"
  • Magazine "Fact"
  • Magazine "Hollywood Magic Image"


“Role Model of 2012” -Gollivud. From the Association of the city of West Hollywood “Special Achievement award” golivudskih magazine “Hollywood magic image” “Commendation” from the city of Los Angeles, for their help in organizing the event with Aida Vedischeva in support of victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York – (collaboration with Aida Vedischeva ).

A member of the jury at the competition: Celebrity Image Model International (Hilton) A member of the jury at the competition: Model Quest International in 2015 (Beverly Hills)